At Artifex Financial Group

We continually reinvest in our business, our research, and our client technologies to improve our efficiency

And make life better for you.  Hey, we're not completely full of ourselves here, but we know that money is an extension of your life.  It's also integral to everything you do and stand for in the world.  Your portfolio is a representation of that.  As a client recently told us, "Money is's an extension of my energy and I want to make sure that I am using it effectively and investing it efficiently."  To that end, we are offering you a complimentary portfolio review.  Just use our convenient form below to input your information, such as holding symbol and amount invested in each (or upload a recent statement), and we'll use the power of our indendent research and analysis to deliver a meaningful report to you.

We'll show you:

  • If your holdings are adequately diversified
  • If we see any issues from a fiduciary perspective
  • If there may be some improvements you can implement to get a better return or lower costs (or both)


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